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e x c e p t i o n a l l e a r n e r s aprendedores excepcionales

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Legislation and policy
Bilingual and bicultural learners
Mental retardation
Learning disabilities
Attention Deficit Disorder
Emotional disorders
Communication disorders
Physical impairments
References & general resources / Recursos generales
Legislación y política
Aprendedores bilingües y biculturales
Retraso Mental
Inhabilidades de aprender
El Déficit de Atención
Desórdenes emocionales
Desórdenes comunicativos
Debilitaciones físicas

Gifted and talented students are identified and served
in a variety of situations in public schools. Discuss
common assessment practices and service models for
working with the gifted and talented. Also address the
under-representation of minority students in the GT
category. [find guest lecture from cultural psych.  Cant find it.]

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(212) 692-0704 - an on-line support community for gifted and talented individuals and those who support and nurture them